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Engage Working Hours
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Working Hours allows you to set the hours that your business is available to answer customer communications in Engage. You can adjust your Time Zone, as well as dictate where calls should be directed outside of your working hours. (Note: Working hours will apply to all Engage lines.)

Set Up

To get started, navigate to Engage Settings, then select Working Hours and toggle it on.

Click on Working Hours

Begin by setting your Time Zone.

Click on (UTC - 12:00)…

Next, you'll need to specify what should happen when someone calls outside of your business working hours. You have three options: Text to Speech, Redirect To, and Audio Recording.

Text to Speech will create a voicemail message that plays for all incoming calls outside of working hours.

Click on Text to Speech

Redirect To allows you to redirect your incoming calls to a non-Engage phone line outside of working hours.

Click on Redirect To

Audio Recording allows you to set a custom voicemail greeting for incoming calls outside of working hours. Record or upload an audio sample under Audio Samples, then select the applicable sample here to use it as your outside working hours voicemail.

Click on Audio Recording

Click on the Working Hours calendar to adjust your working hours for each day of the week. Once you press Submit, the purple bars will adjust to reflect your working hours.

Click on Working Hour…

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