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Engage Voicemails
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Engage allows you to set a default voicemail, as well as to create different voicemails for each of your phone lines.

Default Voicemail

This section allows you to set a default voicemail for all Engage phone lines. Here, you can record your voicemail greeting, or type your message to be read using text to speech. Simply select Text to Speech or Audio Recording based on your preference. Make sure to press Save after making changes.

Click on Voicemail Settings

Phone Line Settings

To specify a voicemail for individual phone lines, select Phone Numbers, then click on the phone line where you'd like to make changes.

Click on Phone Numbers

Default Voicemail

Default Voicemail will use the default voicemail set up under Voicemail Settings as the voicemail for this line.

Text to Speech

Text to Speech will create a voicemail message that plays for this phone line based on the text you enter.

Click on Text to Speech

Audio Recording

Audio Recording allows you to set a custom voicemail greeting. Record or upload an audio sample under Audio Samples, then select the applicable sample here to use it as the voicemail for this phone line.

Click on Audio Recording

Regardless of the voicemail type you choose, be sure to press Save before navigating away from the page.

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