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Purchasing & Porting Phone Numbers
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To add phone numbers to Engage, you can port in an existing phone number or purchase a new phone number.

Porting Process

If you want to port existing phone number(s) from a prior service provider to Engage, contact us using the chat feature or email us at We will then provide a Letter of Authorization (LOA) to facilitate the porting process. Your company is responsible for completing the LOA within a reasonable timeframe. (Note: Porting phone numbers can take up to 30 days from when we receive your completed LOA.)

Please be sure to remove all call routing features (call forwarding, phone tree, sequential call ring, etc.) before requesting to port your phone number.

Purchasing Process

If you'd like to purchase new phone number(s) for use in Engage, navigate to Settings and select Phone Numbers. You can then click Purchase Number to initiate the process.

Click on Phone Numbers

You should confirm your country and proceed to select your area code.

Click on Select Area Code

Enter your area code and proceed to select a phone number.

Click on Select a Phone Number

Once you select a phone number, click on it, then press Reserve Number. The number will now be added to your Engage account.

Click on +1 240 366 2728…

Have additional questions?

Contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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