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Post-Sync: QuickBooks Desktop
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Sometimes, you may also encounter a record that has not properly synced between FieldPulse and QuickBooks. To better understand what has not synced as well as why, navigate to Company Settings, then select Estimates & Invoices and QuickBooks.

Click on QuickBooks

To understand which records have not synced, select Statistic.

Click on Statistic

You can now view the date and time of your most recent sync, search amongst your records, as well as identify exactly which records have synced and why. Toggle between FieldPulse and QuickBooks on this page to view where the sync issue is located. Once you have identified which records failed to sync, click on the record details to navigate to that record to correct the errors and re-sync them.

Click on FieldPulse…

Use this table to better understand the Statistic page error messages, QuickBooks Desktop error messages, and the necessary actions to resolve the error and sync the affected records.

Error Message

Necessary Action

"Error connecting to QuickBooks - close any modal dialog in QuickBooks."

Close any dialog boxes in QuickBooks Desktop.

"The name "Example Name" of the list element is already in use."

Change the customer's display name to be a unique name, or archive the customer with the identical name.

"BillAddress_Addr1/ShipAddress_Addr1 length is more than allowed (41)"

Decrease the address length to 41 characters or less.

"Credit memo saved as payment can not be synced to QBD"

Credit memos cannot be applied in FieldPulse, so they will not sync over from QuickBooks Desktop.

"Line Item Name/Customer Name length is more than allowed (31)"

Decrease the field length to 31 characters or less.

"Draft invoice #1234 is not available for sync"

Draft invoices do not sync to QuickBooks Desktop. To enable draft invoice syncing, contact us at or via the chat.

"Name value has non-ASCII characters"

Remove non-ASCII characters from name.

"Related customer is archived in FieldPulse"

Restore customer to FieldPulse to sync related estimate/invoice.

"A Payment for [Customer] could not be synced as it does not have any associated invoices."

Please create an invoice to link to this payment and try to sync again.

"There was an error when modifying a Customers list, element “80000754-1529488483”. QuickBooks error message: Unknown Error."

This occurs when you re-assign parents of a customer in FieldPulse, but the customer has transactions associated with them. QuickBooks does not allow a parent to be re-assigned if invoices or payments are linked to the customer job record. Revert the parent record in FieldPulse to match QuickBooks to resolve the sync conflicts.


Sometimes, records do not sync between FieldPulse and QuickBooks Desktop. Review the issues and potential causes below to troubleshoot and resolve your sync.

The sync has not run recently because...

Take a look at the Last Sync Date field on the Statistic page. If the date and time listed here indicate that the sync has not run recently, be sure your sleep settings are turned off on your device, and check that the web connector is running.

A customer may not sync because...

  • The customer name is a duplicate of another customer.

  • The customer name includes non-ASCII characters.

  • The email address, phone number, or customer name exceeds 31 characters, or the notes exceed 4000 characters.

  • The customer is archived in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The customer is the child of a parent customer that is not synced.

A line item may not sync because...

  • Fields are incorrect or missing (item name, item price, SKU, etc.).

  • The item name exceeds 31 characters or your SKU exceeds 30 characters.

  • The item name is a duplicate of another line item.

  • The item name includes non-ASCII characters.

  • The item is not marked as a product or service in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The related sales and/or purchase account is not active in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Unit of measure is not enabled in QuickBooks Desktop, but is used in FieldPulse.

An invoice may not sync because...

  • The Customer is archived or not synced.

  • A line item is archived or not synced.

  • Your notes exceed 4000 characters.

  • Estimate/invoice is in a closed accounting period in QuickBooks Desktop.

A payment may not sync because...

  • There is an archived payment on the invoice already synced to QuickBooks Desktop.

  • The related invoice is not synced.

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