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Sync Settings

All options can be changed at any time on individual invoices and items or from the Company Settings > Estimate & Invoices > QuickBooks Tab.

(Note: The order in which you sync your items on this page matters - you must sync your items in this order - Customers, Line Items, Invoices.)


A synced customer will display the QuickBooks logo on the customer record.

If a customer needs to be manually synced you can do so by clicking Sync with QuickBooks in the customer record.


An invoice that has been synced will display Open in QuickBooks, which will take you directly to that invoice in QuickBooks when clicked.

(Note: Invoices begin syncing to QuickBooks once they've reached the 'Invoiced' status to indicate that they are awaiting payment. The attached customer, invoice items, and tax rate will also be synced in FieldPulse.)

Records (customers, invoices, etc.) that are deleted/archived in FieldPulse will also be deleted in QuickBooks.

Sales & Purchase Accounts

When creating a line item in FieldPulse, you can select which sales and purchase accounts under which to house the line item in QuickBooks. If you opt not to select a sales or purchase account, it will default to the sales and purchase accounts selected during the initial sync.

Click on Purchase Account…

Business Classes

Business classes are a way to categorize invoices. New business classes must be created in QuickBooks and can be adjusted there as well. When creating an invoice in FieldPulse, you can select which business class to assign.

Click on Quickbooks Class…


Sometimes, records do not sync between FieldPulse and QuickBooks Online. Review the issues and potential causes below to troubleshoot and resolve your sync.

A customer may not sync because...

  1. Email address is missing or formatted incorrectly.

  2. The customer name is a duplicate of another customer.

  3. The email address or phone number exceeds 31 characters, or the notes exceed 4000 characters.

  4. Your customer is archived in QuickBooks Online.

  5. Your customer name uses “:”.

  6. Your customer is the child of a parent customer that is not synced.

A line item may not sync because...

  1. Fields are incorrect or missing (item name, item price, SKU, etc.).

  2. The item name exceeds 100 characters or your SKU exceeds 30 characters.

  3. The item name is a duplicate of another line item.

  4. The item is not marked as a product or service in QuickBooks Online.

  5. The related sales and/or purchase account is not active in QuickBooks Online.

  6. Your line item is categorized as “Product - Inventory,” but your QuickBooks Online subscription doesn’t support inventory tracking.

An invoice may not sync because...

  1. The Customer is not synced.

  2. A line item is not synced.

  3. Your notes exceed 4000 characters.

  4. Estimate/invoice is in a closed accounting period in QuickBooks Online.

A payment may not sync because...

  1. There is an archived payment on the invoice already synced to QuickBooks Online.

  2. The related invoice is not synced.

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