Once your customer has made payment on an invoice, you will go into their invoice record and mark their payment. 

Payment records are required in order to mark the invoice as ‘Paid’ or ‘Partially Paid.’ This allows you to record full or partial payments made by the customer and automatically keep track of balances due.

Marking an Invoice as Paid

When an invoice has been paid, open the invoice record from the Estimates & Invoices page. On the invoice record, click 'Mark Payment'.

This will pop up a window to add the payment. Enter the payment amount (the full amount or just part of the invoiced total), the payment date, payment method, and any notes. and click 'Save'. 

After the full payment record has been attached to the invoice, the invoice will move to ‘Paid’ status.

If the sum of the payment for the invoice is less than the invoice total amount, then the status will automatically change to ‘Partially Paid.’

You can find the payment records under the ‘Payments’ tab on the invoice. Deleting or modifying the payment records will change the invoice status.

If the invoice is moved back to a previous status or marked void, the payment records will be removed automatically.

Congratulations! You've just marked an invoice as paid. Please reach out if you need any help with invoices: support@fieldpulse.com, or click the blue chat icon at bottom right when you're in the app. 

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