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May 2024
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Dynamic Job Reports

Utilize the data from your job records to generate a dynamic report and/or PDF! Create an individual job report or combine multiple jobs into a single, professional summary. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of job details and ensure you showcase what's relevant to your customer while hiding unnecessary information with customizable display options. Visit the Dynamic Job Reports article to learn more.

Password-Protected Customer Portal

Password Protected Customer Portals are now live! Admins can make a customer's portal password-protected, send the portal invite link as a one-off communication or use a communication template, as well as monitor whether the customer has set up their password. To learn more, visit the Customer Portal article.

Filter by Custom Field

Improve your record sorting with our new custom field filtering feature! Now you can use it for customers, estimates, and invoices. Just click Show Filters, pick the custom field you want, and enter the value you're looking for in Custom Field Value. Then, click Add Custom Field. Repeat these steps to add as many filters as you need.

Marking Payments in Bulk

You can now mark multiple invoices as paid at once in FieldPulse! Navigate to your Invoices list, then click the pencil icon. Select each invoice you'd like to mark as paid using the checkbox. You can adjust the payment method, date, and notes before saving the payment record. (Note: This is only used to mark payments, not to collect payments.)

Tag Users in Comments

FieldPulse users can now tag each other in comments! Use @ and then select the applicable user's name. When you post a comment, the tagged user(s) will be notified. Adjust your notification settings under My Settings > Tagged in Comment.

Download Invoice PDF: Additional Options

Quickly download the invoice details you need! FieldPulse users can now download an invoice PDF from a customer record of all invoices, all unpaid invoices, or all outstanding invoices (overdue and unpaid). Navigate to a customer record and select Actions, then Generate PDF of all Invoices. You can then make your selection and initiate the download to your device.

Dynamic Asset Reports

Utilize the data from your asset records to generate a dynamic report and/or PDF! Combine multiple assets into a single, professional summary report for customers offering a comprehensive overview of services rendered and ensure you showcase relevant information while hiding unnecessary details with customizable display options. This report can be shared with customers and linked to dynamic estimates/invoices. To learn more, visit the Assets article.

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