Although disabled by default, FieldPulse allows you to create "Projects" designed for managers to better manage projects spanning multiple days or weeks with a variety of work required for each project.

To enable projects, visit the "Functionality" tab of the Administration section here: Toggle Enable Projects to On and then click Save.

It's important to understand the relationship between Projects, Jobs, and Subtasks to maximize their utility. All 3 record types can be created and used as a standalone record, but can also be used with relationships to better organize all of your work.

While you may only use job records for same day service work, "Projects" allow you to create a parent record that bundles multiple related jobs together. If you have multiple projects ongoing at once, grouping your jobs into a "Project Record" lets you better view, monitor, and adjust the work ("Job Records") using drag and drop Gantt charts, status trackers, and more. 

To create a new Project, click the plus sign in the header and choose New Project from the dropdown. 

Enter the project details, specify the location, the status and completion percentage, any notes and assign it to a team. Then, to create the project click Save. 

Once the Project Record has been created, hover over the green + sign to perform tasks in the project. You can choose to add a Comment, a Job or Subtask, an Estimate or Invoice and any related files. 

Congratulations! You've just learned how to manage Projects and created a new Project. Please reach out if you have any questions about projects:

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