Yes, you can create custom tags to segment your customers into lists.

To add a tag to a customer, open the customer profile and add a tag into the upper right corner. To view customers by tag, open the 'By Tags' tab on the 'Customers' list here.

You can create custom tags for your customers to organize and segment your customers into lists. For example if you have customers who you do HVAC work for, customers you do Handyman work for and customers you do Roofing work for, you could create HVAC, Handyman and Roofing tags, and apply them to your customers.

This would allow you to quickly see all of your HVAC customers in a list for example, by selecting the HVAC tag. 

Adding a Custom Tag to a Customer

Navigate to 'Customers' and click the green 'Create Customer' button or click here to go directly there. In the customer record you can scroll down to where you see the 'Tags' field and add your tags there.

You can type in a custom tag to add a new tag into the system. 

You can also select from a previously used tag in the tags list.

Once you have tagged the customer appropriately, click 'Save'. 

Segment your Customers by Tag

Once you've tagged your customers, you can view your customer lists organized by tags. To do this go to the 'Customers' page and click 'By Tags'. Click here to go directly there. 

On this page you can see all tags that you have created.

To show all customers listed under that tag you will click on the tag itself.

To get back to the tags list page you will navigate to the tag - and hit the 'x' beside the tag name.

Congratulations! You've just learned how to create custom tags for your customers and segment your customer lists by tag. If you have any questions about using tags reach out to us at or hit the blue chat button at the bottom right of your screen while you're using FieldPulse. 

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