Custom Tags for Jobs

Learn how to tag your jobs and apply color coding to organize your schedule.

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You can create custom tags for your jobs to organize and color code them to make the schedule even easier to read at a glance. 

Creating Custom Tags

To add a job tag when creating or editing a job, scroll to Job Tags and click in the field. 

You can type in a custom tag to add a new tag into the system. Click Enter after each tag you'd like to use. You can also customize the color of your new tag! You can also select from a previously used tag in the tags list.

Once you have tagged the job appropriately, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save Job. Any tags you created on this record will now appear in the previously used tags list on future job records.

You'll see the job tags located alongside the job details:

You'll see the job tag and color applied to the job record itself, and as a color coded dots on the schedule.

Sorting Your Jobs by Tags

Once you've tagged your jobs, you can view your jobs organized by tags. To do so, go to the Jobs page and click By Tags. From this list, select the tag you'd like to view.

Click on By Tags

You will now see all of the jobs that carry the selected tag.

Click on HC…

Video Tutorial

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