Yes, you can add your logo to your estimate or invoice to appear on PDFs.

To personalize your estimates and invoices with a logo, click on  'Administration' in the left side menu and then click 'Estimates & Invoices' in the header. In the sub header click 'PDF'. Or go directly to the Invoice PDF Settings page by clicking here.

On the Invoice PDF Settings page, scroll down and toggle the Custom Company Logo 'On'. It's off by default.

An upload button will appear, click it and choose your logo file from your computer. 

The selected logo will appear next to the upload button. 

To see your logo on an estimate or invoice, navigate to an estimate or invoice record and click 'Generate PDF'. 

You'll now see your custom logo in the header of the invoice PDF. 

Congratulations! You just added a custom logo to your invoice and estimate PDFs. For hep with uploading your logo reach out to us: or click the blue chat icon at the bottom right of the screen in the app. 

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