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Can I customize the invoice or estimate PDF? Can I hide line item price, quantity, or tax from the PDF?
Can I customize the invoice or estimate PDF? Can I hide line item price, quantity, or tax from the PDF?
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Yes. While estimate and invoice PDFs in FieldPulse are not fully customizeable, you can choose to display different objects on your PDF based on settings. You can set default settings and then change them on a per invoice basis if necessary.

Need to change your PDF display settings for one particular estimate or invoice? Follow this guide:

To access your estimate and invoice settings, click on 'Company Settings' in the left hand menu, and then click 'Estimates & Invoices' in the header, or click here to go there directly. This will take you to the 'General' tab under 'Estimates & Invoices'.

Advanced Invoice Settings

Click on the 'Advanced' tab in the 'Estimates & Invoices' sub header.

On this page you can:

Enable or disable Invoice Cost Basis This allows you to indicate the unit cost of invoice line items to determine your profit on a job. This line item cost is only displayed internally. 

Enable or disable Automatic Markup This allows you to apply markup on your invoice items based on unit cost and markup percentage, to automatically set the unit price. 

Enable or disable Commission Calculations This allows you to automatically calculate and store commissions based on a either a percentage of gross sales or a percentage of gross margin. Setting a default method and commission rate will automatically calculate it for each invoice, but this can be modified for each invoice. 

Invoice Settings

Click on the 'Preview Settings' tab in the 'Estimates & Invoices' sub header to adjust the invoice settings. In the first section you will enter your invoice company information, as you want it displayed on the invoices you send customers.

In the following photos we outline the various options you have to customize your PDF invoices. The default settings are shown, but you can adjust these settings to personalize your invoices and display the fields that you want shown to customers. 

Scroll up and click 'Save' once you've adjusted any of these settings. Every Invoice/Estimate created after this change in Company Settings will contain the chosen settings.

Congratulations! You've adjusted all of the advanced settings for your estimates and invoices. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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