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Unassigned & Unscheduled Jobs
Unassigned & Unscheduled Jobs

Learn how to create jobs that are not scheduled or assigned to a particular team member.

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You can create jobs in FieldPulse that are not assigned to a particular team member or scheduled ahead of time. For example, you may have a job to complete sometime in the next 2 weeks, but the day is flexible and you haven't yet decided which team member to assign it to. You can create an unassigned and unscheduled job and then assign and schedule it at a later date. 

Creating an Unassigned or Unscheduled Job

Begin by selecting Jobs under Work in the left-side menu, then click Create Job.

Complete the job details as normal, but do not assign any team members if you intend to create an unassigned job.

Click on Create recurring job

To ensure your job is unscheduled, select Clear Dates. Add any other details, then press Save Job.

Click on Clear Dates

In the newly created job record, you'll see that the job is Unscheduled and Unassigned. You can schedule or assign the job at any time by clicking Edit.

Viewing, Scheduling, & Assigning

Navigate to the Jobs tab in the left-side menu, and then click Unassigned. This will take you to a page with all the jobs that are unscheduled and/or unassigned.

When you're ready to assign and schedule a job, click on the job record and then click Edit to add a date and assign team members. 

You can view all unassigned jobs from the Schedule tab. On any of the schedule views, select the hourglass icon to display the unassigned and unscheduled jobs.

Click on image

To schedule an unscheduled job, click and drag it from the list on the left-side of the screen onto your preferred date and time.

Drag highlighted text

The pop-up will prompt you to confirm the date/time, as well as the teams and team members assigned to the job. If everything looks good, select Yes and your unscheduled job will now be scheduled!

Click on Yes

Video Tutorial

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