What is a Subtask Template?

Subtask Templates allow you to pre-define a subtask or series of subtasks that you commonly use in your jobs. That way you can quickly insert them into jobs.

You can insert the template or series into any job to save time on subtasks you typically assign to standard jobs. 

For example, for a standard service call, you might create a Subtask Template with the following series of subtasks for your service techs to follow. 

1. Diagnose Issue
2. Plan Repair
3. Provide estimate to customer and receive sign-off
4. Repair Issue
5. Inspect unit for quality and functioning
6. Invoice

How to Create a New Subtask Template

The following are the steps you would follow to create a Subtask Template with a series like this. First, navigate to 'Company Settings' on the left hand menu, click 'Jobs', then 'Subtask Templates'. Or click here to go there directly. 

On the Subtask Templates page click 'Create New'.

This will pop up a window where you enter your template name, title, and an optional description for your subtask template. 

You can enter additional subtasks into the series by clicking + Additional Subtask.

Continue adding your subtasks in the series. When you're finished adding subtasks, click 'Save' and you'll see the Subtask Template populated in the list. 

To use your Subtask Template, go to the job record you'd like to use the template on and click 'Subtasks'. 

Then click Create New Series, this will pop up a window to add a new Subtask Series. 

In this window click 'Insert Template' and select the template you just set up. 

When your Subtask Template has been inserted, click Submit and you'll see the Subtask Series displayed on the Subtask page of the job record. 

Congratulations! You just set up a new Subtask Template with a Subtask Series in it. If you need any help please email us at support@fieldpulse.com or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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