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Marking Payments
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Once your customer has paid, you can mark their payment on the corresponding invoice record. Payment records are required in order to mark the invoice as Paid or Partially Paid. This allows you to record full or partial payments made by the customer and automatically keep track of balances due.

If you'd like to collect payments in FieldPulse instead of marking payments, visit the Collecting Payments article.

When an invoice has been paid, open the invoice record that you want to apply a payment to. On the invoice record, click Payment.

Click on Payment

This will pop up a window where you can process a credit card if you're using our built in payments system. To mark a payment manually, click Mark Payment.

Click on Mark Payment

Enter the payment method, confirm the amount and date, and add any notes. Then click Save.

Click on Save

You can find the payment records under the Payments tab on the invoice record. Deleting or modifying the payment records will change the invoice status.

Click on Payments

After the full payment record has been attached to the invoice, the invoice will marked as Paid. If the payments made are less than the total invoice amount, the status will read Partially Paid. If the invoice is moved back to a previous status or marked void, the payment records will be removed automatically.

Marking Bulk Payments

You can also mark multiple invoices as paid at once. Navigate to your Invoices list, then click the pencil icon. Select each invoice you'd like to mark as paid using the checkbox. You can adjust the payment method, date, and notes before saving the payment record. (Note: This is only used to mark payments, not to collect payments.)

Video Tutorial

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