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Attaching Photos and Files to Estimates and Invoices
Attaching Photos and Files to Estimates and Invoices

Learn how to attach files to the estimate or invoice you're sending to a customer

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If you're sending an estimate or invoice to a customer and want to attach photos, you can do it with a couple of clicks. 

First, create the estimate or invoice and then preview the invoice. For help with this part, refer to this article.

On the estimate or invoice preview, click 'Email to Customer' 

This will pop up a new window to generate the email. In this window, click the 'Visible Files' to pull up a list of all of the files stored in the job associated with the estimate or invoice.

Select all of the files you want attached to the email.

If you have any other files on your computer that are not stored in the 'Files' section of the job, you can click the 'Upload Additional Files' button to attach them directly from your computer. Once you have attached all the files you want to include, click 'Send' to email the PDF invoice and all of the attached pictures and files. 

That's it! You just attached photos and files to your estimate or invoice and sent it to the customer. They will receive an email with the estimate or invoice attached as well as the files you included. 

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