Did you know you can send a text to your customers when you're on the way, sharing your real time vehicle location and ETA? 

To do this, open the FieldPulse mobile app, and navigate to the job you're heading to. Within the job, click the green plus sign to open the possible options within that job.

Then in the list that pops up, click 'Customer Communication'.

On the customer communication page, click 'Send Trip Tracking SMS to Customer'.

Check the default template message and make any changes you want, then click 'Save'.

The trip tracking SMS message will pop up and allow you to select the approximate ETA of your arrival, to include in the text message. When you're ready, click 'Send Message'. 

This will pop up a new text in your phone's native text application. If everything looks good, just click to send it. 

When the customer clicks the link in your text, they'll see a map with your live vehicle location and real-time ETA. 

That's it! You just send a trip tracking SMS to your customer. If you have any questions about customer communications, contact us at support@fieldpulse.com

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