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Completing a Job - Mobile App
Completing a Job - Mobile App
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Getting Started

To begin, navigate to your desired job and click on it to see the job record. There are many ways to find your jobs, but for this example we selected the Schedule tab in the bottom menu.

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Once in the job record, you will see the details of the job including:

  • Customer Details: Customer name and address

  • Notes: internal notes highlighted in yellow

  • Tags: view existing job tags or add more

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Select the Actions button to view a list of possible actions. You can clock in from this menu. To learn more about clocking in and out, visit the Clocking In and Out in the Mobile App article.

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Changing Job Status

You can always change the status of your job from the Info page of the job record. Click on the current status (New) to select a new status. FieldPulse will track and record the duration of time spent in each status.

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If you'd like to send automatic communications to your customer based on status changes, you can learn more here. If you prefer to manually communicate to your customer, select Actions then Send Customer Communication at any time.

Navigating to Customer Location

To navigate to your customer's address, begin by clicking on their address.

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The address will now appear on a map! Select Navigate to Location and select your preferred map application to be directed to your destination.

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Adding Details On-Site

Once on the job, you may need to add additional information to the job record.

Field Notes

If you'd like to include field notes, select Click to add Field Notes on the Info page and enter your information.

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Files & Images

To add files or images, navigate to the Files tab in the top menu. You can select Attach File, Upload Photo, or Take Photo. Selecting Take Photo will open a camera in FieldPulse, allowing you to take and immediately add photos to the job record.

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You can also leave comments on the job record by navigating to Comments in the top menu. Toggle on/off the notification settings at the bottom of the screen before commenting as needed.

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Completing a Job

Once a job is finished, you will need to mark the job status as Completed, as well as clock-out of the job.

To change the job status to completed, click on the status bar on the Info page, then select Completed. The job duration will be recorded.

To clock out of the job, select Actions then Clock Out.

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Video Tutorial

Have additional questions?

Contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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