On the mobile app, if you lose connection, you can rest assured that you have options with our offline mode. Available only on the mobile app.

The following instructions are shown on an iPhone (Android instructions follow after).

To access offline mode on the mobile app, open the left side menu and click the downwards arrow next to your name.

Note: If you already have lost internet connection, a pop up will display 'You have no internet connection, do you want to enter offline mode: Yes or No'. Select 'Yes'.

In this menu, click 'Settings'.

Then click 'Enter Offline Mode'

Within offline mode, you can view your day's schedule - all the jobs assigned to you for the day, and your recently added customers (if you have permissions to view the customer list). In 'Today's Jobs' you'll see a list of your work, in order of scheduled time. Click any job to open it.

When you open a job in offline mode, you can view any aspect of it, including estimates or invoices, forms or recent activity, but you are not able to add new information, just to view it. You can change the status of the job, for example to set the status to: 'In Progress', 'Pending' or 'Complete'.

Back on the offline mode screen, you can click 'Recent Customers' to pull up your recently added customers. This is useful if you need to find their address or phone number to contact them.

Click the name of any customer to open and view their profile.

Entering/Exiting Offline Mode for Android

You will enter offline mode by clicking on the left-hand navigation tab and hit the blue cloud with the 'x' in the middle.

Once in offline mode the cloud will turn orange. You will also notice when you close the menu, you have a distinct orange line at the top of your screen that says 'Network Connection Error: Currently in Offline Mode'. You will also see 'Company Settings', 'Notes', 'Settings', and 'Help' greyed out.

When you are ready to leave Offline Mode, as you have a good network connection again, you will click on the orange cloud. This will disable Offline Mode, you will know you've exited as the cloud will once again be blue.

That's it! You just learned how to enter Offline Mode on the mobile app and what you can do when you don't have a connection.

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