Job Templates
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Job Templates allow you to create common jobs to quickly fill out a new job form with one click. With Job Templates, you can specify the Job Title, Location, Notes, and an auto-generated Basic Invoice to be automatically inserted into your new job form.

Creating a Job Template

Begin by navigating to Jobs in the left-side menu, then selecting Create Job

Click on Create Job

Instead of entering your job details as normal, select Create Template.

Click on Create Template

You can now enter the details for your job template. A job title is required, but you can add a subtitle, assigned users, job tags, notes, and files if needed. Enter a location for your job in the location field if it's always the same. In most cases, you will leave this blank so that the customer's address is automatically inserted into the field instead. Press Save Job after entering your details.

Click on Save Job

To edit or delete your template, navigate to Jobs, then Templates, and select the pencil icon to edit or the trash icon to delete your template.

Click on #1088…

Using Job Templates

To use a job template, begin by selecting Create Job, then select Import Template before entering any details. You can then choose a template from the dropdown list. The template details will auto-populate into your job record, saving you time and ensuring consistency.

Click on Basic AC Evaluation

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