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Setting Up Job Templates for Faster Scheduling
Setting Up Job Templates for Faster Scheduling
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Job Templates allow you to specify pre-defined, common jobs to quickly fill out a new job form with one click. With Job Templates, you can specify the Job Title, Location, Notes, and an Auto-generated Basic Invoice to be automatically inserted into your new job form. In this guide, we'll demonstrate how to create a new Job Template.

Setting Up Job Templates

Click 'Company Settings' in the left side menu, select the 'Jobs' tab, and then select the 'Job Templates' secondary tab or click here to go directly to the Job Templates page. 

On the 'Job Templates' tab click 'Create New.'

Enter a name for your job template and a job title. Enter a location for your job in the location field if it's always the same. In most cases, you will leave this blank so that the customer's address is automatically inserted into the field instead. In our example, we will leave it blank. Enter any notes about this job template. 

Once you've entered the job template information, toggle this switch to auto-generate a basic invoice for this job template . You can leave it turned off if you don't prefer to automatically generate an invoice for this type of job. 

Next select your invoice item for this job template. For more information on setting up invoice items click here. 

Once the job template is complete and you've added an invoice item, click 'Save'. 

You'll see the template stored on the Job Templates page. You can edit your Job Templates at any time from the Job Templates list. 

Now, whenever you create a new job, simply select the customer and then click on the 'Job Title' line to insert one of your saved job templates. All of the stored information from the Job Template will be inserted into your new job form.

Congratulations! You've just created a new job template. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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