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Branch Quotes for Reece Customers
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In accordance with our partnership with Reece, we have developed a feature called “Branch Quotes”.

Branch Quotes allows you to access any quotes that have already been put together by a Reece team member within the branch. A Branch Quote is a document that you, as a customer, can ask for to competitively price up the goods you are purchasing from Reece.

These quotes allow you and Reece employees to stay on top of things such as price increases and profit margins etc. When you are putting together a quote through FieldPulse, the Branch Quotes feature can be accessed via the ‘Reece Catalogue’ option. The Reece Catalogue will open up a lite version of Reece maX. From here, you’ll be able to either create your own quote by adding Reece items to your cart or you can access ‘Branch Quotes’ in the top right-hand corner. Once you select the Branch Quote you are after, you will notice the goods from that quote have now been added to your cart. If you view your cart and select “Proceed to Purchase”, your Reece goods will then be carried back over to FieldPulse and added to your customer’s quote.

This feature takes all of the guesswork out of pricing up goods for you. Making it very simple and easy to access Reece quotes and pricing.

If you need any assistance, please email us at or live chat with us using the blue chat button in the bottom right corner.

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