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Learn how you can manage your teams timesheets in FieldPulse

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FieldPulse offers two time tracking capabilities.

  1. General Timesheets & 2. Job Tracking Timesheets

  • The 'General' timesheet is used to clock in and out for the day usually for payroll purposes. General timesheets are not tied to any specific job.

  • The 'Job Tracking' timesheet is tied to a specific job and is used to track the amount of time spent on that job.

Mobile App View (FieldPulse 2.0)

Getting Started

To enable, to go Company Settings>Features and Plugins>Employee Timesheets>Enable.

After you select 'Enable' click into 'Settings' on the Employee Timesheets icon. From Settings>Select 'Enable separate timesheets for job and general tracking dropdown> 'Use two timesheets system for separate job and general tracking.' Click 'Save'.

We do provide two options depending on your preference.

If you select the 'Only use one timesheet system for time tracking' then your team will only have the option to clock into the 'General Timesheets.'

The final piece of the timesheet setup is to select whether or not you'd like to give your Service Techs the ability to manually adjust their timesheets.

Below is an example of a Service Tech manually adjusting their timesheets.

If you'd prefer to remove the access to manually edit a timesheet, you can unselect 'Service Agent' from the ability to edit timesheet Clock In/Clock Out time drop down.

Below is an example of a Service Tech without the ability to manually edit their timesheets.

Where To View Your Teams Timesheets

To view your teams timesheets navigate to the 'Management' tab and select 'Timesheets.'

We have four different viewing options for both 'General' and 'Job Tracking.'

  • Day View (as shown above)

  • Weekly (General)

    • Manually adjusted time will appear in red.

  • Weeks (General)

    • The weeks view allows you to select the specific week you are wanting to view.

  • Months (General)

If you'd like to see your teams Job Tracking timesheets, select the 'Job Tracking' tab.

Day View

Weekly View

You also have the option of clicking into the specific time to which job was associated with what hours.

Timesheet Reporting

Under the 'Management' tab select 'Reporting.' From the reporting tab, you can select 'Timesheets.' From here you have several reporting options to select from.

One of the most frequent questions we get is if a company can see a breakdown of each Service Tech and the total hours per job. We've included a video tutorial below.

If you'd like additional training or tips of best practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success team by chatting with us in the blue chat in the bottom right hand corner of your screen OR send us an email at support@fieldpulse.com.

How can we reach you?

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