Employee Timesheets
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As an admin or manager, you can view your team member's timesheets on a daily, weekly, or month basis, as well as open the team member's specific log to view or modify details. If the team member clocked in or clocked out via the mobile app, you can also access the geotagged location to confirm their location at the time of their clock in.

Getting Started

To begin using employee timesheets, you'll first need to enable it. Start by clicking on Company Settings and selecting Features & Plugins. Navigate to Employee Timesheets and select Enable. Now you're ready to begin tracking your employees' hours!

Click on Features & Plugins

Next, click into Settings on the Employee Timesheets icon. You can now customize your timesheet experience.

Now, you can select whether or not you'd like to give your Service Agents the ability to manually adjust their timesheets. If you'd prefer to remove the access to manually edit a timesheet, you can deselect Service Agent from the ability to edit their Clock In/Clock Out times.

Next, you have the option to select how you want to gather your team's timesheets. FieldPulse offers two time tracking capabilities.

  1. General Timesheets

    1. The 'General' timesheet is used to clock in and out for the day usually for payroll purposes. General timesheets are not tied to any specific job.

    2. If you select Only use one timesheet system for time tracking, then your team will only have the option to clock into the General Timesheets.

  2. Job Tracking Timesheets

    1. If you want to enable separate timesheets for job and general tracking, select Use two timesheets system for separate job and general tracking from the dropdown menu.

    2. The Job Tracking timesheet is tied to a specific job and is used to track the amount of time spent on that job.

Clocking In and Out in the Web App

FieldPulse allows your team members to clock in and clock out to track time. Each time a team member clocks in or clocks out from their mobile app, their location is automatically tagged for you to verify their location. While this is the most common method, you can also clock in and out from the WebApp.

Begin by selecting My Timesheets from the left-side menu. (Note this walkthrough is from the Service Agent view. Team Managers and Admin will have a similar process, but more options in the left-side menu.

You can now select General or Job Tracking to determine which timesheet you'd like to clock into. Once you've selected your timesheet, click Clock In.

Click on Clock In

You can now add your clock-in details . You can modify the title, time, or add notes. If the time is modified, it will be noted that the time was modified. If you selected the Job Tracking timesheet, you will also have the option to select a related job for your clock-in. When you've finished entering your details, click Save.

Click on Installation

When you're ready to clock out from your general timesheet or a specific job, navigate to the appropriate timesheet and click Clock Out.

Click on Clock Out

You can now add or edit your time log before pressing Save and recording your timesheet details.

Click on Save

Team Timesheet Views

To begin, select Timesheets in the left-side menu. You can view your timesheets or your team's timesheets by toggling between My and Team, as well as select the timesheets displayed by General or Job Tracking. You can also view your team's timesheets in a variety of ways. When reviewing timesheets under Day, you can display your timesheets in Overview, Dispatch, or Map view.

Click on Team

Timesheets can be displayed in a weekly view:

Click on Weeks

Timesheets can be displayed with weekly timesheet totals:

Click on Months

Timesheets can be displayed with monthly timesheet totals:

Click on Months

If you'd like to generate a report on your employee timesheets, learn more here.

Clock-In & Clock-Out Locations

When a team member clocks in or out on the mobile app, their location will be geo-tagged. You can view their location at the time of the clock in/out by clicking on their name, and then clicking the blue location marker that indicates their clock-in or clock-out. That will open a map of the clock-in or clock-out location.

Click on Clock In Location On

Video Tutorial

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