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Pulse Fleet Tracking
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Our Fleet Tracking system is simple, cost-effective, and can handle fleets of any size. With live GPS tracking, you'll have eyes on your drivers in real-time, making safety a breeze and protecting your valuable gear.

Cost Savings

With our detailed reporting, you can optimize vehicle efficiency and cut operating costs. Easily track events such as hard braking, speeding, and more.


Our Driver Rewards Program will improve your team's safety by reducing accidents, increasing productivity, and saving you money.

Protect High-Value Equipment

Employ our asset tracking system and say goodbye to theft and unauthorized use, and hello to simplified billing and real-time visibility of your gear and drivers.

Employ AI-Powered Smart Detection

With crystal-clear evidence of road events and driver behavior, keep track of distracted driving and keep your business running smoothly.

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Azuga GPS Flex Plan

- GPS Datalogger (Hardware)

- Azuga Fleet Subscription (Software)

- Includes GPS Tracking, Maintenance Module, Driver Scoring, Engine Diagnostics, Speed Alerts

Azuga GPS & Basic Dashcam Flex Plan

- GPS Data Logger (Hardware)

- Azuga Safety Cam Device (Hardware)

- Dual-facing and Front-facing cameras

- Harsh Event Recording, Panic button, Video Event Playback, Built-in Mic/Speaker

Azuga GPS & Surfsight AI Dashcam Flex Plan

- GPS Datalogger (Hardware)

- Azuga AI Dashcam (Hardware)

- AI video telematics, Cloud DVR, 10 minutes live stream

Enabling Azuga Fleet Tracking

To get started with fleet tracking, contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Have additional questions?

Contact us at or use the chat feature in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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