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Tracking Lead Sources
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A lead source is how a lead initially hears about a business. Tracking lead sources is essential as it allows businesses to better measure, plan, and optimize their marketing efforts to generate results for their business. Through FieldPulse, you can track and manage how your customers - or potential customers - find your business.

Creating & Using Lead Sources

You can manage your company's lead sources in FieldPulse's company settings. To begin, navigate to Company Settings, then Customers. Finally, select Lead Source. You have the ability to edit, remove or create your own.

Click on Lead Source

To add a new lead source: type the lead source name, then select Add Lead Source.

To edit a lead source: select the pencil icon next to the lead source.

To delete a lead source: select the trash can icon next to the lead source.

Click on Add Lead Source

Once you've set up your lead sources, you can begin tracking the lead source on the customer record.

When creating a new customer record, click on the Lead Source box to reveal a dropdown menu. You can now select the applicable lead source for this customer.

Video Tutorial

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