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Quickbooks Desktop Integration- Integration Details
Quickbooks Desktop Integration- Integration Details

Learn about the integration between FieldPulse and Quickbooks Desktop before Syncing.

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Requirements before Syncing:

  • FieldPulse integrates with Quickbooks Desktop 2019 and newer.

  • We integrate with the Windows version of Quickbooks Desktop and do not support Quickbooks Desktop for MAC or any other systems.

  • You must use a computer that has access to Quickbooks Desktop. You can not use a server that has Quickbooks Desktop installed.

  • The setup must be completed in single-user mode within Quickbooks Desktop.

  • We support Contractor, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise editions of Quickbooks Desktop.

  • You must disable sleep mode on your computer in order for the sync to run.

    • Settings<Within Window<System<Power and Sleep< Set to ‘Never.’

      1. If this is not disabled, the sync will not work.

  • You must have a stable internet connection or the connection will not work.

What information syncs over?

FieldPulse has a dual sync with Quickbooks Desktop. Our team will walk you through the integration after your initial sync. What’s most important is that your sleep mode is disabled so the connection is constantly running. This will ensure a successful sync and eliminate your need for double entry.

We do have a one-way sync option available upon request. Please reach out to if you prefer a one-way connection.

Successful sync:

  • Customers

    • Only one level of sub customers (parent/child) will sync to FieldPulse.

    • Customer Messages

      • We will only sync the latest message. This is equivalent to the Customer Note section in FieldPulse.

    • Archived/ Deleted Customers - Archived and deleted customers will sync in their current state. For example if a customer is archived/deleted in Quickbooks Desktop the customer will sync over to FieldPulse as archived/deleted.

  • Vendors

    • This can be a tax code

    • Suppliers

  • Classes

    • Classes will sync to FieldPulse.

  • Tax Codes

  • Estimates

  • Invoices

    • FieldPulse pulls the same Invoice # sequence as Quickbooks

  • Line Items

    • Descriptions will sync.

Unsuccessful sync:

  • Customer

    • If the customer name exceeds 31 characters the sync will fail.

    • Special characters such as $,&,#, @, +, {,},: all can cause syncing issues.

  • Classes

    • Subclasses are currently not supported. Will not sync.

  • Tax Codes

    • Multiple tax codes

  • Estimates

    • Payments on Estimates. It essentially leaves a ‘credit’ on the customer record in Quickbooks. This will show as ‘undeposited funds’ but not associated with any invoice or estimate.

  • Invoices

    • If the invoice item name exceeds 31 characters the sync will fail.

    • Special characters such as $,&,#, @, +, {,},: all can cause syncing issues.

  • Line Items

    • Negative line items currently not supported. This is currently considered a ‘discount’ in Quickbook Desktop. This is currently being worked on but not supported at this time.

    • Credit Memos currently not supported. Will not sync.

    • Special characters such as $,&,#, @, +, {,},: all can cause syncing issues.

  • Sales receipts not currently supported.

  • Payment Method

    • Additional payment methods outside of cash, check, credit card or ACH are not supported. Example: ‘gift card.’

Ready to sync?

Great! Please contact your customer success manager, email us at or message us through FieldPulse chat. One of our Support Specialists will reach out to schedule your 15 minute connection sync.

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