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Integrating FieldPulse with Reece maX πŸš€
Integrating FieldPulse with Reece maX πŸš€

Streamlining Your Business: Integrating FieldPulse with Your Reece maX Account πŸš€πŸ’Ό

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This integration brings together the best of both worlds, enabling you to seamlessly manage your operations while harnessing the capabilities of Reece maX. In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to integrate FieldPulse with your Reece maX account and highlight the benefits that follow. 🌟

Step 1: Navigate to Company Settings πŸ—ΊοΈ

To begin the integration process, log in to your FieldPulse account and navigate to the 'Company Settings' section.

Step 2: Access Features and PluginsπŸ§°πŸ”Œ

Within the 'Company Settings' area, locate the 'Features and Plugins' option. This is where you can enable various integrations to enhance your experience with FieldPulse.

Step 3: Enable Reece maX Integration βš™οΈπŸ”—

Scroll down within the 'Features and Plugins' section until you find the 'Third-Party Integrations' category. Under this category, you'll spot the option to enable the Reece maX integration. Click on the 'Enable' button to initiate the integration process.

Step 4: Authenticate with Reece maX πŸšͺπŸ”‘

After enabling the integration, click the provided link (labeled as 'here') to authenticate your FieldPulse account with your Reece maX account. This action will redirect you to the Reece maX login page.

Step 5: Log In to Reece maX πŸ“²

On the Reece maX login page, you might notice that your credentials are already pre-filled, making the process even smoother. If not, simply enter your Reece maX login details and click the 'Log In' button.

Step 6: Integration Activation πŸ”„βœ¨

Upon successful login, the integration between FieldPulse and Reece maX will be activated. Now, your systems are connected, and you can start enjoying the benefits of this seamless collaboration.

Benefitting from the Integration πŸ€πŸ“Š

The integration between FieldPulse and Reece maX brings forth a plethora of advantages that can transform the way you manage your business:

1. Automated Invoice Population:

With the integration in place, your Reece supplier invoices will automatically populate in your FieldPulse account. This not only saves time but also reduces the chances of errors in data entry. [Learn More]

2. : Effortless Reece Purchase Orders from within FieldPulse

Within FieldPulse, you can seamlessly craft new purchase orders, simplifying the process significantly. Once created, these purchase orders can be swiftly sent off to your chosen Reece Branch/ Business Unit from your FieldPulse environment, eliminating the need for manual transfers. Additionally, this integration empowers you to effortlessly transform your FieldPulse estimates into Reece purchase orders, enhancing the fluidity of your procurement workflow. This functionality not only saves valuable time but also elevates accuracy by minimizing the potential for errors. [Learn More]

3. Efficient Job Linking:

When you reference your FieldPulse job number to Reece branch staff, they can easily note it down. This action leads to the automatic linkage of your supplier information to your FieldPulse job record, ensuring accurate and streamlined data management.

4. Simplified Estimation's and Invoicing:

Building estimates and invoices becomes a breeze. The integration introduces the option to add items via the API. A dedicated Reece tab within the FieldPulse application allows you to search the Reece maX store without leaving FieldPulse.

5. Seamless Reece maX Catalog Browsing:

If you're a fan of Reece maX's catalog, you're in for a treat. The integration allows you to access the Reece maX web app or mobile app directly from FieldPulse. You can navigate the catalog, add items to your cart, including branch quotes, and all these selections will be seamlessly transferred to FieldPulse. [Learn More]

By integrating FieldPulse with your Reece maX account, you unlock a world of streamlined operations, simplified data management, and enhanced productivity. The simple steps of enabling the integration and the subsequent benefits it brings can truly transform the way you run your business.

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