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Maintenance Agreements - Mobile App
Maintenance Agreements - Mobile App
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FieldPulse Maintenance Agreements allow you to easily attach maintenance agreements, as well as create/schedule reminders for when the next service is needed.

To learn how to enable maintenance agreements and use them in the WebApp, visit the Maintenance Agreements article.

Creating a Maintenance Agreement

To view existing maintenance agreements or create a new one, navigate to the Work tab in the bottom menu. Then select Maintenance Agreements.

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Once here, you can sort your maintenance agreements using the bar at the top of the screen by This Month, Next Month, Custom, All, Canceled, and Templates. To create a new maintenance agreement, select Create New.

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You can select Import Template to build your new maintenance agreement from an existing template, or fill out the details to start from scratch. More details on completing these fields can be found here.

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Attaching a Maintenance Agreement

In the mobile app, you can view maintenance agreements attached to your customers. To do so, click on the Customers tab in the bottom menu, then select a customer. At the top of the customer record, select Maintenance Agreements.

Once here, you can view and edit existing maintenance agreements linked to this customer, as well as create a new maintenance agreement by selecting Create Maintenance Agreement.

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Video Tutorial

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