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February 2024
Updated over a week ago

Save Card on File [FieldPulse Payments Users]

This feature allows users to save payment card information securely for future transactions. Learn more here.

Engage Enhancements

Engage Calls No Longer Recorded on Native Device

This update prevents Engage calls from being recorded on native device storage. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their Engage calls are not stored locally on their devices, enhancing data privacy and security.

Multi-Business Management & Engage

With the introduction of Multi-Business Management and Engage, a new popup notification now appears when users switch companies. This popup displays the message: "You're changing companies. Your line will be dropped." This alert serves as a preemptive notification, ensuring users are aware that their current communication session will be interrupted upon switching companies.

Start Calls from WebApp

This enhancement allows the web application to initiate calls directly through Engage without opening the Engage interface.

Open and Close Engage Using Events

This enhancement enables Engage to trigger events that open specific forms or details within the web application, such as the New Job form or customer details.

Drag and Drop Function

This feature adds drag-and-drop functionality to the message chat box within Engage, allowing users to easily attach files or images by dragging them into the chat.

Outbound Estimate/ Invoice Email Modification

This update allows users to switch email addresses or add multiple email recipients directly in the 'Email To' field when sending estimates or invoices from their list of contacts that are linked to the customer or specific location of job linked to estimate.

Search Bar & Status Filter for Unassigned Jobs

This feature adds a search bar and status filter specifically for the unassigned jobs tab on the schedule view. Users can easily search for specific unassigned jobs and filter them based on their status, facilitating efficient job assignment and management.

Job List Shortcuts

Plus Icon to Create a Job

This enhancement adds a plus icon to the customer list, allowing users to create new jobs directly from the customer list interface.

Related Location/Contact Drop-Down

This enhancement adds a plus icon to the related location/contact drop-down menu, enabling users to create services associated with the current customer or location.

Hover to Show Action Icon in Customer List

This feature displays action icons when hovering over customer entries in the customer list. Users can quickly access common actions such as job creation or customer details directly from the customer list view.

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