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March 2024
Updated over a week ago

Include Payment Requests on Estimates

Collect deposits, partial, or full payments on estimates when using FieldPulse Payments! Preview your estimate, then select Email to Customer. From here, you can set a dollar amount or percentage of total to request from your customer. To learn more, visit the Collecting Payments article.

Expand Customer Locations from Customer List

Scheduling jobs for customers with multiple locations just got even easier. Hover over the far right of any customer name in the list and select the orange icon to see all locations for a single customer record. Use the green plus button to easily schedule a job at that location.

Dynamic Estimate/Invoice Link for Automatic Customer Communications

Following up on estimates and overdue invoices just got even easier! You can now send automatic customer communications in relation to estimates and invoices using Dynamic Estimate Followup and Dynamic Invoice Followup.

For estimates, the message will be sent after the estimate's initial sent date (timing depends on your Trigger Schedule Time selection). The automatic customer communication will not send if the estimate has been converted to an invoice or is in accepted, rejected, or draft status.

For invoices, the message will be sent after the invoice's due date (timing depends on your Trigger Schedule Time selection). The automatic customer communication will not send if the invoice is in paid or draft status.

The message will also include a link to the referenced estimate or invoice.

Click on Estimate Followup…

New Engage Toggle: Send Incoming Call to Managers

In Engage, Send Incoming Calls to Managers on allows managers to view all activity on this line, including voicemails. They can view and send text messages, and can answer or make calls. This is the default setting in Engage.

If toggled off, managers can view all activity on this line, send text messages, and make calls but cannot answer incoming calls.

Click on Managers…

Internal Activity Feed Manager Permissions

Managers can now be restricted in their ability to view internal activity in FieldPulse. To adjust this permission, navigate to Company Settings and click on the user whose permissions you'd like to adjust.

Engage Web App Ringer Silencer

Engage Web App now offers users the capability to silence incoming call notifications for up to three secondary calls while engaged in an active call. This feature is particularly beneficial for scenarios where multiple users share a single line. It allows individuals to mute the ringer on their specific devices, ensuring the call alert continues to sound on devices owned by other line assignees and managers.

How to Silence:

1. Click the arrow icon on the incoming call pop-up to silence the ringer.

2. To respond to the silenced call, click on it to view accept/end options.

Note: Accepting a secondary call will disconnect your current call. A hold feature is coming soon!

Additionally, Engage mobile app users can easily mute the ringer by pressing their volume button, a functionality consistent with standard phone call operations on native lines.

Serialized Inventory Reporting

Serialized inventory reporting is now live in FieldPulse! It provides a report of individualized serialized items, then grouped together by item. You can further group your data by hub as well.

Enhanced Grouping Options for Estimates and Invoices

Whether you're adding your grouping by utilizing a template, Pricebook, bundle, or starting from scratch, navigate to the desired grouping. You'll find convenient up and down arrows at the top, enabling you to effortlessly increase or decrease the quantity. This streamlined process automatically updates all item quantities within the grouping, saving you valuable time and ensuring accuracy when handling multiple purchases of a certain grouping.

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