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June 2024
Updated over a week ago

Save Cards on File with Card Connect & Clover Connect

You can now securely store your customer's credit card information in FieldPulse! When storing the card, the credit card number will be tokenized to protect your customer's information. To learn more, visit the Saving a Card on File article.

Schedule Filter Upgrades

Now, when you click the hourglass filter icon, select which job types you'd like to view: Unscheduled, Unassigned, Unscheduled & Unassigned, or Open Jobs. Select all of the applicable job fields you'd like to display, plus filter by job status.

Inventory Counting

Users can count inventory levels across multiple hubs, keeping track of actual inventory levels vs. the expected amount. This helps track inventory loss/surpluses over time. When looking at an inventory item, you'll see a new clipboard icon that lets you enter the number of items present and compare it to the quantity expected. You can also run a report that will show the dollar amount associated with any inventory loss for a given time period. To learn more, visit the Inventory Counting article.

Select Outbound SMS Line in Engage

You can now easily switch between your assigned or managed phones when sending SMS messages in conversations! Navigate to the conversation where you'd like to send an SMS message, then click on Sending From to adjust the outbound phone line. Both your phone number and friendly name will be displayed, making it easy to identify your preferred line. This feature is available on Engage webapp and mobile app.

Separate Estimate & Invoice Default Display Settings

Customize your customer experience even further! You can now set unique default display settings for estimates and for invoices. To adjust your default settings, navigate to Company Settings > Estimates & Invoices > Preview Settings.

Click on Preview Settings

Engage Internal Notes on Mobile App

Write and view internal notes on the Engage mobile app! FieldPulse users can now maximize their internal Engage communications on both the webapp and mobile app.

Open APIs

Leverage our powerful APIs and seamlessly integrate FieldPulse data with external platforms to automate the creation of records. Easily manage customers, jobs, invoices, and other data across multiple systems. To learn more, visit the Open APIs article.

Site Visits Visible on Google Calendar

Both site visits and jobs are now visible on your Google Calendar! Visit the Google Calendar article to learn more.

Insert Site Visit Job Duration & Travel Time

Insert site visit job durations and travel times on invoices! Select your line item, then adjust the quantity to reflect Actual Job Duration, Actual Travel Duration, or Actual Job + Travel Duration. You can then adjust the jobs and site visits you'd like these durations to pull from.

Default Due Date for Estimates & Invoices

You can now specify unique default due dates for estimates and invoices, allowing further customization of your sales process. Adjust your default due dates in Company Settings > Estimates & Invoices > General.

Customer Location and Contact Import

Make transferring your data into FieldPulse easy - users can import multiple customer locations and contacts with a simple import sheet! Visit the What data can I import into FieldPulse? article to learn more.

Sequential Call Ring

Sequential Call Ring automatically dials a list of Engage phone numbers in order, proceeding to the next line if the current call goes unanswered. By minimizing delays in reaching available users, this feature enhances operational efficiency and response times. To learn more, visit the Call Routing article.

Purchase Order Upgrades

We've made some changes to purchase orders! FieldPulse users can now:

  • Add custom fields to purchase orders

  • Filter purchase orders by custom fields

  • Add tags to purchase orders

  • Display tags on purchase order list view

  • Attach files from related job records

  • Cascade custom fields from customer records

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