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Serialized Inventory
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Serialized Inventory is a powerful tool that enables precise tracking of individual items or equipment within your inventory by assigning unique serial numbers. Unlike generic quantity tracking, Serialized Inventory ensures detailed monitoring and traceability for each specific item, enhancing accuracy and accountability in your inventory management.

Creating Serialized Inventory

As a reminder, Serialized Inventory can only be applied to line items marked as Product - Inventory, not Services or Products - Non Inventory.

To get started, create a new line item or edit an existing one. Be sure that the Item Type is Product - Inventory.

Click on Item Type…

From here, then scroll down to Inventory and toggle on Track by Serialized Inventory. Next, you'll need to add hubs. You can use a single hub or multiple hubs based on your needs.

Click on Add hub

To enter the details for your serialized inventory, select the plus icon next to the name of the hub where the item is located.

Click on highlight

Now you will enter the pertinent details for the item. The serial number is required, but you can also add the date received, unit cost, reference number, or attach an asset template. After adding the details, press Save New Serialized Inventory.

Click on Add Serialized Inventory

If you have more than one item, repeat the process by selecting the plus icon again and entering the next serial number. Be sure to press Save at the end to save your changes.

Adding Serialized Inventory to Invoices

To add serialized inventory to an invoice, begin by creating a new invoice, then selecting Add Item.

Click on Add Item

Search for and click on the applicable inventory item.

Click on Air Conditioner

Scroll down to the Select Serialized Inventory Item field and select the serial number of the item you used on the job. Once you select the appropriate serial number, select Add to Invoice.

Select 12345678

Once the invoice has been paid, that serial number will be removed from your inventory.

Video Tutorial

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