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Schedule Visibility Settings
Schedule Visibility Settings
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Service Agent Schedule Visibility

As an administrator, you have the ability to restrict your service agent's schedule view. This can be beneficial for schedule simplicity, internal adjustments, or general schedule privacy.

Navigate to Company Settings, select User Accounts, then Users.

Click on Users

Select a user and press Edit.

Click on mode_edit Edit

You should then select User Feature Permissions and adjust the Schedule Visibility. The options include:

  • View all assigned jobs

  • View one open job at a time

  • View jobs assigned today

  • View jobs assigned today and tomorrow

  • View jobs assigned today, tomorrow, and the day after

Click on User Feature Permissions…
Click on View one open job at a time…

Manual Dispatch

Further manage your team members' schedules by hiding or un-hiding jobs and site visits at your discretion, ensuring optimal control over assignments.

Set Up

Navigate to Company Settings, then select Jobs. Remain on the General subtab.

Click on Jobs

Next, toggle on Ability to control visits visibility.

Check on

You will then need to choose your Default Visibility when you create a new job (Hidden or Un-Hidden), as well as choose which roles can hide and unhide jobs.​

Click on Hidden…


The eye icon indicates whether a job is currently visible to the team members assigned to it. As shown below, the slashed eye icon indicates that a job is not visible.

To adjust the visibility, right click on the job to view this menu. Then select Un-Hide Job (or Hide Job) to adjust the visibility.

Untitled step

After selecting Un-Hide Job, the eye icon indicates that the job is now visible to the assigned user(s).

Untitled step

Video Tutorial

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