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2023: A Year in Review
2023: A Year in Review
Updated over a week ago

FieldPulse made some exciting updates in 2023, and we can't wait to share how these features can turbocharge your business operations. Let's dive into the best of 2023 and how you can make the most of these upgrades in 2024.

Custom Status: Projects, Jobs & Site Visits

Overview: Custom Status is your secret weapon to revolutionize job management. Break free from predefined job statuses, and customize colors and types to fit your unique needs.

Use Case: Whether you're handling big projects or real estate deals, this feature lets you streamline processes for peak efficiency.

How to Turn On: Update all FieldPulse apps to the latest version.

Reporting Enhancements: Take Control of Your Data

Overview: The Reporting Revamp empowers you to customize columns, filter any column, group by columns, create pivot tables, and export data – putting you in charge of your information.

Use Case: Effortlessly organize and analyze job data to gain new insights and improve decision-making.

How to Turn On: Reporting Revamp video

Multi-Contact & Location on Customer Record

Overview: Manage multiple contacts, link contacts to specific customer locations, and designate primary contacts for jobs – a game-changer for real estate, big projects, and franchise customer management.

Use Case: Perfect for handling customers with multiple branches, office locations, or project-based work.

Templates: Job, Estimate, Invoice, Maintenance Agreement & Assets

Overview: Save time by creating templates for your most popular record types.

Use Case: Perfect for quick scheduling/invoicing and maintaining consistency across job types.

How to Turn On: Job Templates video

Custom Fields & Cascading Fields

Overview: Say goodbye to data duplication and hello to streamlined operations.

Use Case: Effortlessly flow customer information from records to jobs, proposals, invoices, and more.

Estimate Options & Add Ons: Simplify the Estimation Process

Overview: Create multiple estimate options for your customers, offering various service or product options at different price points within the same estimate.

Use Case: Simplify the estimation process for both you and your customer.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Overview: Effortlessly manage inventory and add items to estimates and invoices by scanning barcodes, saving time and minimizing mistakes.

Use Case: Ideal for quick and accurate invoicing processes.

How to Turn On: Barcode Scanning video

Visibility of Past SMS and Email: Seamless Communication Log Access

Overview: Access and review customer communications sent through FieldPulse with ease, facilitating seamless retrieval of past interactions.

Use Case: Effortlessly navigate through the activity log on all records for better communication tracking.

Technician Visibility Customization

Overview: Restrict your technician's schedule view based on preferences, providing flexibility for schedule simplicity, internal adjustments, or general privacy.

Use Case: Beneficial for personalized scheduling preferences and limiting access to future jobs .

Pricebook Sub-Categories: Get Organized

Overview: Effortlessly categorize flat-rate jobs with new Sub-Categories, delivering professional and transparent quotes and invoices.

Use Case: Perfect for showcasing expertise and enhancing client experience.

Make Subtasks Required: Streamline Job Completion

Overview: Make job subtasks mandatory, ensuring completion before updating the primary job status to completed.

Use Case: Enhance job completion consistency and eliminate missed subtasks.

Note: Clear your cache before implementing this feature.

Apply Markup/Margin to Estimates & Invoices: Ensure Consistent Profit

Overview: Apply markup or achieve a specific margin on the entire estimate/invoice by adjusting all line items at once.

Use Case: Ensure profit consistency on jobs with minimal effort.

How to Turn On: Markup/Margin video

Customizable Tag Enhancements

Overview: Edit your tags with ease, customize text and color for your tags app-wide, and enjoy new tags for timesheets, users, estimates, and invoices.

Use Case: Efficiently organize and categorize your records with personalized tags.

How to Turn On: Tags video

Multi-Business Management & Franchise Companies

Overview: Manage multiple businesses or franchises seamlessly with our Master Account Franchise feature, providing a centralized location for all your data, records, and settings. For users with linked FieldPulse accounts, access Roll-Up Reporting to consolidate invoices, estimates, jobs, and assets across all companies.

Use Case: Ideal for owners overseeing multiple business ventures or franchises.

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