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In FieldPulse you can create contracts to add to your estimates and invoices, as well as require a signature from your customer before beginning work. Your customers can sign these directly on the mobile app or you can request signature via email.

Creating a Contract

To create a new contract, navigate to Company Settings in the left-side menu, then click on Estimates & Invoices. Navigate to Contracts in the sub-header.

Once on the Contracts page, click Create New.

Click on add…

You can add all your details to the contract that you may need. Some customers use this for Service/Maintenance Agreements, General Contracts, Warranties, etc. When you're finished, click Save.

Click on Save

You'll see your new contract listed on the Contracts page.

Click on Payment Agreement

Setting a Default Contract

To automatically add your new contract to all of your estimates and invoices, click on Preview Settings under Estimates & Invoices and toggle on Attach Contract to PDF.

Click on Attach Contract to PDF Yes

You can then enter how many signature lines you require and which contract to attach. 

Click on Display Line Items on PDF Yes

The next time you create an estimate or invoice, you will see your contract in the Contracts section or on the second page of the PDF. Your customer can sign the contract via email or on the FieldPulse mobile app while your tech is in-field.

Click on Contract

If you want to remove/change the contract or signature lines on an estimate or invoice from your default contract settings, you can make changes when previewing the estimate/invoice in the right-side menu.

Video Tutorial

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