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Requesting a Signature
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If you want to collect a customer's electronic signature on an estimate or invoice via email, you can do so directly in FieldPulse. If you'd like to collect a signature and attach a contract, visit the Contracts article to learn more.

Default Signature Request

If you plan to collect a signature on every estimate/invoice, you can set your default settings to request a signature. As with other default settings, you can always make changes for individual estimates/invoices.

To turn on default signature requests, navigate to Company Settings in the left-side menu, and then click Estimates & Invoices in the header. Then select the Preview Settings tab.

Scroll down and toggle on Default Display Signature Button. Back at the top of the screen, press Save.

Every estimate/invoice you create from now on will include a signature field as a default.

Collecting a Signature Without a Contract

Begin by previewing your estimate/invoice and selecting Email to Customer.

Click on Email To Customer

You will then scroll down and toggle on Include Signature Request.

Click on Include Signature Request

If you do not have a contract attached to your invoice, you will receive a pop-up to select a contract. You can use the search bar to search and attach a contract, or select Go Without Contract. Be sure to press Save. You can now send the invoice to your customer.

Click on Go Without Contract

Signing Process

When the estimate/invoice is emailed to your customer, they can click to open it. They will then select Sign and Accept.

Click on Sign and Accept

Your customer can draw or type their signature, then click Add Signature.

Click on Add Signature

Once your customer has signed, you can view the signed estimate/invoice PDF under files on the Estimate/Invoice Record.

Click on Files

Example signed invoice PDF:

Click on Invoice 1026…

Video Tutorial

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