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Invoice Item Price Markups - Applying Individual and Mass Markups
Invoice Item Price Markups - Applying Individual and Mass Markups
Learn how to apply standard markups to your invoice items, automatically.
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Automatic Mass Markups for Invoice Items

In FieldPulse, you can turn on line item markups to automatically set the price of your goods and services after a standard markup is applied to the unit cost. By entering the cost of a product or service and a standard markup percentage, FieldPulse will automatically determine the price that the customer sees. This will enable you to make a consistent margin on your jobs and know how profitable you'll be on any project.

To turn on automatic item price markup, follow these steps. Click here to go straight to your advanced estimate and invoice settings. 

Click on 'Company Settings' at bottom left, then click on 'Estimates & Invoices'. On the 'Estimates & Invoices' page, click on 'Advanced' in the sub-heading.

In your advanced invoice settings, set 'Enable Automatic Markup' to 'On'

Set the percentage markup you'd like to have automatically applied, then click save.

Then, when creating a new estimate or invoice, click in the Invoice Item space. Then select 'Create New Line Item'.

In the new line item window, you can click on the square button with an arrow on the 'Unit Price' line to see your default markup percentage. Then, simply enter your item cost and click 'Apply'.

You'll see the unit price automatically calculated. Then click to 'Create Item' to save this line item. 

Next save the new estimate or invoice. 

On the Estimate or Invoice record, click on the 'Cost Basis' tab in the sub-header. 

You'll see the cost, price and profit margin for each unit on that estimate or invoice, and the total cost, price and profit margin for that estimate or invoice. 

Individual Invoice Item Markups

You can also do individual line item price markups as well. To do this you will go to 'Company Settings' then choose 'Estimates & Invoices' and go to 'Invoice Items'. Here you will see a list of all your line items. On this page you can hit the edit button in the right corner.

After you hit the edit button it will take you to the individual line item. You will click the square button with an arrow, then input the markup for this item.

Hit 'Apply' then 'Save' at the button of the page. Now that markup will be applied to that individual line item and you can repeat this process for other line items you wish to add a markup to.

Congratulations! You just used item price markups to add a standard markup to your line items and added price markups to individual line items. If you need any help please email us at or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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