FieldPulse makes it easy to generate powerful reports from your invoice data. You can see at a glance how much money you took in for a specific period, what commissions you've paid out and how much you have coming in accounts receivables. 

Follow these steps to export your invoice data:

Click on 'Reporting in the menu on the left hand side. On the reporting page, click on 'Invoices' in the header. Or click here to go directly to that page.

On the invoices page, choose the date range you'd like to export invoices for. Then click 'Run Report'.

You'll see the data for that date range shown below.  You can click 'Filters' to add filters to the data to see exactly what you want. 

Click apply when you've selected any filters you'd like to apply to the data. 

When you have the data that you want displayed, click 'Export'. 

This will download an export of your data in .CSV format. Click the file to open it in Excel. 

In Excel you can see the full report including a range of fields you can view and sort by. 

In this spreadsheet, by default there are the following fields:

Job Title
Pre-tax Subtotal
Cost Basis
Amount Paid
Amount Due
Invoiced Date
Due Date
Created Date
Tax Rate
Created By
Commission Method
Commission Percentage
Commission Amount

You can also import this CSV data into your bookkeeping software. 

Congratulations! You just exported your invoice data. For questions on invoice data exports, please email is at

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