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Route Optimization
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Using the route optimization features in FieldPulse, you can ensure that your service agents are routing their jobs as efficiently as possible each day.

This feature allows you to manually optimize the route and schedule of jobs using the map. Select options to filter jobs to plot on a map, and then select the order in which to schedule, the team members assigned to these jobs, and the date/time of the first job. These jobs will be automatically scheduled using the inputs provided.

To begin optimizing your routes, select Schedule from the left-side menu, then click on the Map View in the Team Schedule. Finally, select the date you'd like to schedule a route for and select Schedule Route.

Click on Map

FieldPulse will now prompt you to customize the jobs included in the route scheduling. Curate the included jobs based on date, assigned jobs, and scheduled jobs. Press Next when you've customized the criteria to meet your needs.

Click on Next

You will now be presented with a list of jobs that met your criteria. Select the jobs you'd like to schedule on the same route, then press Next.

Click on Next

You'll now click on the jobs on the map in the order in which you'd like to schedule them for the day. You'll notice numbers appearing above each job to indicate your order. Press Next after selecting your preferred order.

Drag highlighted element

Now you can set the date and time when you'd like the first job to take place. Customize the default job duration and the default travel duration as well. Lastly, select the teams or team members you'd like to perform these jobs. Press Next to continue.

Click on Next

You will now preview the optimized route details. You can change the start and end times for your jobs here, press Re-Order to make changes to the order of jobs, or select Confirm Changes to add the newly scheduled jobs to your schedule.

Click on Confirm Changes

Now, you can click on the jobs in the map view or any other schedule view to see that the changes were applied and your route has now been optimized.

Click on Calendar

Video Tutorial

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