Getting Started With FieldPulse Payments

Learn how to accept credit card payments with FieldPulse Payments

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Congratulations! You've been approved to accept credit cards through FieldPulse! Let's get started. 

You can accept payments in 3 ways:

Emailing an online payment request to a customer

Processing the payment on the mobile app

Processing the payment on the web app

Emailing an Online Payment Request to a Customer - Web and Mobile

Here's how to email an online payment request to the customer along with their FieldPulse invoice. This provides them with a 'Pay Invoice' button in the email so they can pay you online with their credit card.

Mobile App:

Web App:

Screenshot Walkthrough (Web app):

You will first navigate to the Invoice tab from your Pulse Dashboard

From there you will find the invoice that you would like to take payment on. You will select the 'Preview' button as this will generate the invoice for you.

Once the invoice PDF has been generated you will select 'Email to Customer'.

It will pop up another window that will then allow you to adjust the email message, pick who is being emailed, and select to toggle on the 'Insert Payment Link' toggle.

Once you select this toggle - another window will pop up. This window will allow you to select the amount that you would like to request for payment.

Another way to 'Request Payment via Email' would be to go to the invoice record - hit the 'Payment' button and choose 'Request Payment'

Now that the payment link has been inserted you can email the invoice and payment request out to your customer. When they receive it in their inbox it will look like the image below - they will hit 'Pay Invoice by Credit Card'.

It will then take them to a separate page that they can enter all their card credentials in and then hit 'Pay Invoice'.

Once this payment has been processed you will then be able to go back to that invoice record in FieldPulse, see the status of the invoice has updated to 'Paid', and you can see a Payment record marked under the invoice as well.

Processing Payments in the mobile app

Here's how to process payments in our mobile apps on iOS and Android. The card can be keyed in, scanned, or swiped (if you've ordered equipment from CardPointe). Below is an example from Android it will work the exact same for iOS.

Screenshot Walkthrough:

You will navigate to the menu at the bottom of your screen and select Sales.

You will then select the invoices tab.

From there you will select either the 'Payment' button or the '+ Actions' button in the bottom right-hand corner.

If you hit the '+ Action' button, this will bring up a list of actions you can do under this invoice record - you want to select 'payment'.

After 'Payment' is selected you will have similar options as you do on the Web App. Mark Payment, Send Payment Request Via Email, or like selected below - Collect Payment as this uses FieldPulse Payments.

Once you select 'Collect Payment' you have 2 options to take payments from here - type in the card credentials, the payment amount, and select 'Collect' OR you can hit the little credit card icon and this will open up a camera within FieldPulse to scan the card and collect the payment amount you have chosen.

You can also choose to email a payment link and request through mobile as well.

However you choose to collect payment on your mobile device, this will update the invoice status as 'Paid' or 'Partially Paid' and mark a Payment Record under the Invoice itself.

Processing Payments in the Web App

Here's how to process payments via the WebApp. This would most likely be used for over the phone payments.

Screenshot Walkthrough:

You will go to the invoice record that you are looking to collect payment on and then you will hit the 'Payment' button.

From here a window will pop up and you want to select 'Take Payment'.

Once all card details have been entered in properly - the 'Charge Card' button in the lower right-hand corner will highlight. You will click this and the payment will be collected. Then you will see the status of the invoice marked as 'Paid' or 'Partially Paid' depending on the amount you collected. This will also make a Payment Record under the invoice - that shows METHOD as 'FieldPulse Payments'.

Congratulations! you just learned how to set up FieldPulse Payments and begin accepting credit card payments from your customers! For help with payments, or anything else, contact us at:

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