Troubleshooting Push Notifications
Learn how to troubleshoot push notifications not sending in FieldPulse
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There are three likely reasons why your team members are not receiving push notifications. Going through each of these 3 steps should help you get them sending again.

1- Push notifications aren’t turned on inside their account on the web app:

Have your team member enable the notifications within their own app. Each user has to enable these settings independently.

2 - Push notifications aren’t enabled for the FieldPulse app on their phone.

Installing or reinstalling the FieldPulse app generally prompts you to enable push notifications on your phone. But if you want to manually check whether you have push notifications enabled

3. Push notifications aren’t enabled inside the FieldPulse app on their phone.

On their phone, they’ll need to check inside Settings to make sure they’re receiving push notifications for new jobs.


At the top of your screen, click on the three vertical dots > Settings > Then under Mobile Push Notifications, make sure Newly Assigned Job Notifications is turned on. The toggle will be blue when it’s turned on.


At the top of your screen, click on your name > Settings > Push Notifications > Then make sure both buttons next to Newly Assigned Job Notification and Upcoming Scheduled Job Alert are toggled on. The toggle will be blue when it’s turned on.

Also, be sure that under Settings on your PHONE you are allowing FieldPulse notifications to come through. You can check this by going to your Phone Settings - looking at your Apps - finding FieldPulse - Notifications - and then making sure you have allowed your phone to accept these notifications.

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