Welcome to FieldPulse! This guide is designed to help get your FieldPulse account set up correctly. But wait, how do I access my account? There are 3 apps where you can use FieldPulse:

Web Application: Access at webapp.fieldpulse.com in your web browser. You can login and use the app from any computer.

iPhone App: Download from the App store by searching FieldPulse 2.0 or follow the link in your setup email.

Android App: Download from the Play store by searching FieldPulse or following the link in your setup email.

Now, let’s get your account set up!

Settings can be accessed by clicking ‘Company Settings’ in the left navigation bar. Please keep in mind you, you will need to be an admin user to access the Company Settings.

    • Ensure your company name, contact information and company logo are all accurate.

    • You can update your credit card, change your subscription or check your billing breakdown.

    • Ensure your team is set up properly.

    • To learn more about user roles, click here.

    • To learn more about teams, click here.

    • We've categorized our features and plugins by color. The blue icons are included in your base subscription package. The purple icons are are add-ons to your base subscription and our preferred partners and integrations fall below.

    • Simply click the green ‘enable’ button to turn on the features you want to add.

    • To learn more about each feature, click here.

    • Create custom fields, import customers, manage tags and lead sources.

    • To learn more about the customer settings, click here.

    • For more customer management 'how-to' tips, click here.

    • General

      • You have the option to set your starting invoice number. Most of our customers start with the default, but if you have a numbering sequence that works for your company, you can set the series of numbers you prefer. Whatever number you pick, estimates and invoice numbers will go up sequentially from there. Note: If you plan to integrate with Quickbooks online, we will show the Quickbooks number sequence in the webapp. On the mobile application, we will show both FieldsPulse and Quickbooks.

      • You also have the option to change the terminology. If estimate does not translate in your business, you can change the name to Quote, Bid or Proposal.

      • Make sure your currency and tax rates are set up correctly.

    • Advanced

      • Set up invoice cost basis for profit margin analysis, create markup percentages and set up default commission calculation method.

    • Preview Settings

      • Set up your default estimate and invoice preview settings (what will appear on your estimate and invoices when you send to customers). Note: These can be adjusted on each estimate and invoice as well.

    • PDF Emails

      • Save time by setting up a default email message used when sending your Estimate and Invoices emails to customers.

      • To learn more about how to set up PDF email templates, click here.

    • Invoice Items

      • Import, create and manage all of your invoice items here.

      • To learn more about importing invoice items, click here.

      • To learn more about setting up your invoice repository, click here.

    • Inventory

      • Import, create and manage your inventory list here.

    • Invoice Bundles

      • Here you can create an Invoice ‘Bundle’ to automatically insert groups of invoice items into an estimate or invoice.

      • To learn more about invoice item bundles, click here.

    • Contracts

      • Create contracts to add to your estimates and invoices to require a signature from your customers before beginning work.

      • To learn more about creating and attaching contracts to an estimate or invoice, click here.

    • Payments

    • File Repo

      • Upload files to the file repository to store them in the system. You can easily attach these to estimates and invoices.

    • Themes

      • Create and edit custom color themes for your estimates and invoices. You can select one of our default color schemes or create your own custom theme by clicking ‘edit.’ Once you create your theme, it will be available for selection in the dropdown. You can also make it your default so it applies to every invoice.

      • To learn more about how you can customize and create your own theme in FieldPulse, click here.

  • Projects (if enabled)

    • Create custom fields for project records. You can also upload files to the file repository.

    • To learn more about project management in FieldPulse, click here.

  • Customer Communications (if enabled)

    • Email Templates

      • Create custom email templates that are automatically inserted into your customer communications.

    • SMS Templates

      • Create custom SMS templates that are automatically inserted into your customer communications. Pro Tip: This is a noreply number. Include in your SMS templates ‘Please call us at (phone number)’ or try our phone system, Engage.

    • Automatic Triggers

      • You can set up triggers to send out emails and SMS automatically to customers.

      • To learn more about the automated triggers, click here.

  • Custom Forms (if enabled)

    • Create a new custom form for your company here. You can create these forms for change requests, customer reports, and much more!

    • To learn more about custom forms, click here.

  • Customer Portal (if enabled)

    • Allows your customer to reach out to you as well as book jobs directly from your website.

    • To learn more about the Customer Portal, click here.

Finally, let’s set up your notification preferences. FieldPulse offers a few different ways to receive reminder and notifications. To navigate to your preferences, click on the icon on the top right corner of the web app, then click ‘my settings.’

You will then see a list of notification options with 3 ways to receive them:

  1. Email: Pretty straight forward, but we will send you an email alert when the notification is triggered.

  2. In App: You will receive the notifications within the bell icon on the top navigation bar of the applications.

  3. Push: These notifications will push to your mobile device once you have the mobile app downloaded.

Each user within a FieldPulse account has to set up these preferences for themselves. and by default they are 'off'.

That’s it! You just successfully set up your FieldPulse account. While this guide follows many of our best practices, not all companies are set up the same way. If you find something that isn’t working for you, let us know! We have a team of customer success specialists on hand to help!

How can we reach you?

We’re available Monday-Friday 8:00am -6:00pm CST

US Customer Success Team Phone: 469-382-5668

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