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Allow your customers to contact you, submit requests, and book appointments through your website. Easily customize the time slots available to your customers and collect key information from them before scheduling. You can embed your booking portal in your website or send the link directly to your customers.

Enabling Booking Portal

To begin using Booking Portal, you'll first need to enable it. Start by clicking on Company Settings and selecting Features & Plugins. Navigate to Booking Portal and select Enable. Now you're ready to begin setting up your booking portal!

Click on Enable

Setting Up Booking Portal

You will now be prompted to customize your booking portal settings. Begin by selecting your booking contact method:

  • Contact Message: allows the customer to fill out a contact form that is sent to you.

  • Timeslot Scheduling: allows the customer to book actual timeslots.

  • Service Booking: allows the customer to select a specific service and book it with you.

Click on Booking Contact Method…

(Note: for this example, we will select Contact Message, Timeslot Scheduling, and Service Booking.)

If you'd like to customize your booking portal URL, you can edit it here. Additionally, be sure to customize the welcome text, description, and notes as this will be displayed to your customers upon entering your booking portal.

Click on Welcome Text

After making these changes, select Save to be directed to the Booking Portal settings page. If you'd like to navigate here again, navigate to Company Settings > Booking Portal.

To begin, you'll notice the text you just customized, as well as the option to automatically schedule jobs for bookings placed through your portal. If turned off, you will have the ability to review the requests before adding them as jobs to your schedule. (Note: Booking portal timeslots are not yet synced with your FieldPulse schedule, which may result in occasional double bookings. We recommend turning off Automatically Schedule Job for Bookings to avoid this. We are working hard to sync FieldPulse schedules with the Booking Portal!)

You can also add Custom Fields to your booking portal if you want to gather specific information from your customers during the online booking process.

Click on Automatically Schedule Job For Bookings? No

If you have enabled Timeslot Scheduling, you can customize the times offered to your customers here. Select the days of the week and hours that you are available. Additionally, set the appointment duration as well as the number of available slots per hour.

Click on Scheduling Settings…

Lastly, you can toggle on Send Appointment Confirmation Email to Customer. If you'd like to allow customers to upload files in the booking portal, use the File Upload settings to customize the options.

Click on Send Appointment Confirmation Email to Customer Yes

Navigating Booking Portal

The Requests tab will display customer submissions from your booking portal. If Automatically Schedule Job for Bookings is turned off, click Create New next to a request to create a customer and/or a job based on this request. The details entered by your customer will be auto-populated into the new customer record.

Click on Requests

To view or edit the timeslots available on your booking portal, change them from the Settings tab or the Slots tab. Slots will allow you to remove timeslots on specific dates, allowing you to customize your availability. Simply select the X next to a date or time to remove it from your booking portal.

Click on Slots

If you offer Service Booking in your booking portal, set up your available services here. Begin by creating a category, then create services under each category.

Click on Add category

When creating a service, you can select whether or not to display the pricing for the service in the booking portal. This can be changed under Booking Method. Additionally, be sure to add Labor or other necessary supplies through the Item box. This section works very similarly to adding items to an estimate, invoice, or Pricebook flat-rate job. Be sure to press Submit after creating your service.

Click on Service

Embedding Booking Portal

To include the booking portal directly in your website, begin by navigating to Company Settings, then Booking Portal.

Click on Booking Portal

Here, you'll be able to select Embed Iframe and click Copy to Clipboard. If you want to adjust the display settings, you can toggle on Customer Portal Iframe Snippet Manual Size Settings to adjust the pixels.

Copy input titled ""

You'll now need to navigate to your website provider. This process will vary slightly based on each provider, but you should add a section to your website that allows HTML code. When prompted, paste the code you just copied to your clipboard and save your changes.

Customer Experience

Here, you can see the customer view for your Booking Portal. (Note: If you've added your logo in Company Settings, it will display here. We have entered the FieldPulse logo as an example.)

Click on Welcome to the booking site of FieldPulse Help Center.…

The timeslots displayed here are set under Company Settings>Booking Portal>Settings.

Click on 10:30 AM

The categories displayed here are set under Company Settings>Booking Portal>Job Booking.

Click on Open

The services displayed here are set under Company Settings>Booking Portal>Job Booking. For example, these services have been listed under the Evaluation category shown above.

Click on $75.00

These two fields were created under Custom Fields which are edited from Company Settings>Booking Portal>Settings. The remaining fields are standard to FieldPulse's booking portal and will always appear.

Click on Are you a current customer?

If you have toggled on Send Appointment Confirmation Email to Customer, your customer will also receive an email confirmation message.

Click on You have successfully scheduled a visit and ordered service 'Indoor Plumbing Eval…

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