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Learn how to set up a Customer Portal through FieldPulse
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Our Customer Portal gives your customers the power to view all of their jobs, estimates, invoices and payments. This allows your customers to review their details and take action on their account - without needing to call you.

To get started, you need to share a link with your customer, to their personal portal. To do this, open a customer's profile in FieldPulse and click the green 'Actions' button.

In the dropdown that opens, click 'Copy Customer Portal Link'.

Then send the portal link to them, so they can view their information. When they open the URL, they will see the main page with their contact details displayed.

They can edit these personal details if needed. They can do this by clicking in any field, making changes, then pressing 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page.

The next tab at the top of the page is 'Submit Request'. Clicking this will open a new tab with your FieldPulse online scheduling page.

On the scheduling page, the customer can book or request a job with you. Once that's done, they can return to the customer portal.

Back on the Customer Portal, the next tab at the top of the page takes the customer to a list of their jobs. The date, time and status of the job are shown for all open jobs.

Clicking any job will allow the customer to review the details as well as view and download any of the files associated with the job.

On the 'My Projects' page, your customer can see the date, time, status and completion percentage of any open projects, and click on any project to view the details or associated files.

On the 'My 'Estimates' page, your customer can view all of their estimates and click on any of them to open it. The status, sent date, expiration date and total amount is listed for each estimate.

On the individual estimate page, the customer can view, download or print a PDF of the estimate. There is also a button for the customer to Accept the estimate and move ahead with the proposed job. If they click this and accept the estimate, you'll get a notification.

On the 'My Invoices' your customer can view the invoiced date, the due date and the amount paid vs amount due for all of their invoices.

Clicking on any of the invoices opens it up as a PDF and allows you to view, download or print the invoice.

On the 'My Payments page, your customer can view all of the payments they've made to you, including the payment date and method of payment.

That's it! Those are all of the functions available to your customers on the FieldPulse Customer Portal. If you have any questions about the customer portal, please reach out to us at we're always here to help.

We’re available Monday-Friday 8:00am -6:00pm CST

US Customer Support: 469-382-5668

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