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As a manager, you can view your team member's time entries by clicking 'Team Timesheets' in the main menu. This page will allow you to view your team's timesheets on a daily, weekly, or month basis, as well as open the team member's specific log to view or modify details. 

If the team member clocked in or clocked out via the mobile app, you can also open the geotagged location to confirm their location at the time of their clock in. 

On the Reporting page you can export your team's data on a daily or weekly basis for payroll. 

On the Team Timesheets page, you can see an overview of your team's daily clocked hours, as a List, Dispatch, or Map view:

Overview List:

Dispatch View:

Map View:

You can also view your team's weekly hours by clicking 'Daily, Weekly, Weeks, or Months' in the header.

As well as 'My' and 'Team' options for viewing timesheets - so that you can also keep track of your individual clock-in or out times.

When a team member clocks in or out on the mobile app, their location will be geo-tagged. You can view their location at the time of the clock in/out by clicking on their name, and then clicking the blue 'location marker' that indicates their clock-in or clock-out. That will open a map of the location of that clock-in or clock-out:

Please Note: The system will allow users to manually edit their timesheets. If you'd like to restrict that acces, please follow the instructions below.

Company Settings> Features and Plugins> Employee Timesheets>Settings

From the Settings tab, deselect the highlighted 'Service Agent.'

Then click 'Save.' From here your Service Agent's will no longer have the ability to manually adjust their timesheets.

If you'd like to learn more about how to manage your teams timesheets on the mobile application, please refer to Managing TImesheets on the Mobile App resource.

Congratulations! You just learned how to view your employees' timesheets and clock-in / clock-out location. If you need any help please email us at support@fieldpulse.com or live chat with us using the blue button in the bottom right corner.

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