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How do I track my time and my employees' time with timesheets?
How do I track my time and my employees' time with timesheets?
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FieldPulse allows your team members to clock in and clock out to track time. Each time a team member clocks in or clocks out from their mobile app, their location is automatically tagged for you to verify their location. To clock in:

1) Open the 'Timesheets' menu option, then click the 'Clock In' button to open the clock in form

2) Confirm your details and click 'Save'

You can modify the title, time, or add a description. If the time is modified, it will be noted that the time was modified.

3) You will now be clocked in

As a manager, you can view your team members' time entries via the 'Team Timesheets' menu option. This page will allow you to view your team's timesheets on a daily, weekly, or month basis, as well as open the team member's specific log to view or modify details. If the team member clocked in or clocked out via the mobile app, you can also open the geotagged location to confirm their location at the time of their clock in. For payroll, you can export your team's data on a daily or weekly basis.

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