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Creating a Job 'Task' on the Schedule
Creating a Job 'Task' on the Schedule
Need something other than a job to appear on the calendar? Look no further than Job Tasks.
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Does your business need to include non-billable items on your schedules? With FieldPulse Job Tasks, we have you covered!

Tasks are non-billable actions that will appear on the calendar. With our job 'tasks' your business can now customize specific tasks that you can see on the schedule. These tasks do not need to be assigned to any specific customer. Tasks can be customized and color-coded based on your companies preference. Some examples include:

  • PTO

  • Drive Time

  • Errands

  • Lunch

  • Internal Team Meeting

  • Admin Time

  • On-Site Estimate

This is great if your business likes to include activities outside of a traditional 'job' or 'work order.'

Getting Task Categories Setup

Head to Company Settings> Jobs > Task Categories to begin creating your own tasks. FieldPulse will have a preset selection that you can use, or you can adjust to your particular preference.

Creating a Task

  • Tasks are created just like you'd create a 'job.'

    • This can be done directly from the schedule or the job tab. If it's linked to a customer, it can also be created from the customer record.

  • When you select 'Create Job' you'll click the 'Create Task' link located directly underneath 'Create a new job.'

  • After selecting 'Create Task' put in the task title as well as the task category. You can then select the time and technician.

  • Once completed the task will then appear on the schedule. All our schedule view options are used heavily so we included a few different views below.

Tasks can include additional work your team does that lives outside a traditional job. Several companies might use 'On-Site Visit' for an estimate overview or 'Project Planning with Customer.' You do have the option to create estimates, invoices and create jobs directly off of tasks. You can get as creative as you'd like!

Lean on the Customer Success team here at FieldPulse to help you! We can't wait to hear from you.

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