Creating a Task

Need something other than a job to appear on the calendar? Look no further than Tasks.

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Tasks are non-billable events that will appear on the calendar. These tasks do not need to be assigned to any specific customer, and can be customized and color-coded based on your companies preference. Some examples include:

  • PTO

  • Drive Time

  • Errands

  • Lunch

  • Internal Team Meeting

  • Admin Time

  • On-Site Estimate

Getting Task Categories Setup

Navigate to Company Settings, then select Jobs, then Task Categories. FieldPulse has preset task categories available, or you can adjust to meet your business needs.

To add a new task category: type the task category name, select a color, then select Add Task Category.

To edit a task category: select the pencil icon next to the task name.

To delete a task category: select the trash can icon next to the task name.

Video Tutorial

Creating a Task

Tasks are created just like you'd create a job. This can be done directly from the schedule or the job tab. If it's linked to a customer, it can also be created from the customer record. Begin by selecting Create Job, then click Create Task at the top of the new job record.

Click on Create Job

Click on Create Task

Notice that linking a customer to a task is optional. Next, be sure to give your job a descriptive title. Ours is "Help Center Time Off." Next click on Assigned Users to Job and select a team member to assign them to the job. Select a Task Category to identify the task. Here, we've chosen PTO as it is time off. Finally, select the dates and times that the task will take place.

Click on Job Title/Description *…

Add notes if applicable, then press Save Task. Once saved, the task will appear on the schedule.

Click on Notes Field Notes

Video Tutorial

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