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How to Track and Manage Your Leads Through FieldPulse
How to Track and Manage Your Leads Through FieldPulse
Learn how you can better measure, plan and optimise your marketing efforts through FieldPulse
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A lead source is how the ‘lead’ initially hears about a business. Tracking lead sources is essential as it allows businesses to better measure, plan and optimise their marketing efforts to generate more solid results for their business.

Through FieldPulse, you can track and manage how your customers (or potential customers) are finding your business.

Customize Your Lead Sources

You can manage your companies lead sources through the company settings.

Company Settings> Customers > Lead Source.

You have the ability to edit, remove or create your own. Once you've set up your lead sources, you can begin tracking the lead source on the customer record.

Lead Source Reporting

You have the ability to run reports to see how much revenue a particular lead source is bringing your business. This is a great way to understand what lead source is having a direct impact on your business.

Reporting > Invoices > Profit By Lead Source

You can select the 'Date Type' and the specific time frame and run the report!

The report will provide details on the following:

  • Lead source

  • The total $ associated with each lead

  • The total number of invoices

  • Average $ per invoice

Then below the report, you'll see:

  • Total $

  • Total expense $

  • Total Net Profit $

If you have questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success team! They are here to help.

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