'On My Way' Job Status
Learn how to track travel time and automate customer communications with the 'On My Way' job status through FieldPulse
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Would you like to start tracking the amount of travel time it takes for your technicians to get to a job? Would you like to send a quick and automated message to your customer letting them know that the technician is on their way? Look no further than the 'On My Way' job status in FieldPulse.

First things first, let's make sure it's enabled in your account.

→ Settings > Jobs > Enable 'On My Way' Status > Save

After enabling, when you complete scheduling a new job, you'll notice the 'On My Way' status appear on the job record.

Technicians can easily select in one click the 'On My Way' status through the mobile app to begin the travel time as well as notify the customer.

As soon as the technician arrives to the service location, they can select 'In Progress' to begin the job.

There will be a 'Travel Time' section that appears on the job record.

Setting Up an 'On My Way' Automated Message

Create a SMS or email that automatically triggers a message to your customer by clicking that status.

Head to Company Settings > Features and Plugins > Enable Customer Communications.

1. Click Customer Communications (top bar) > Email Templates or SMS Templates.

2. Create your 'on my way' personalized message.

3. Set up your automated trigger.

  • Select 'Choose Trigger' → 'When job status is updated to 'On The Way.'

  • Choose Trigger Action → (Business Preference)

  • Choose Communication Template → Select the 'On My Way' template you previously created.

  • Hit 'Save' and you are all set!

For more information on setting up Customer Communications through FieldPulse, click here.

With questions on the job status or how to properly set up customer communications, please don't hesitate to reach out to the Customer Success Team. We are here to help!

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